• Dechra Pharmaceuticals

    Dechra Pharmaceuticals Logo

    Bronze for Best Online Report
    (FTSE 250) at Corporate & Financial Awards 2021

    Dechra had a successful year in 2020 with three new acquisitions extending and enhancing their manufacturing capabilities and product portfolio. They are in a very strong position and so it was important that their annual report communicated their resilience through the pandemic, their consistent performance and enticing investment proposition. 

    Dechra Screen
    Dechra 1 120

    This year’s online annual report provides vital information up front on the homepage, with elements such as their strategy, purpose-led nature and their new ESG strategy being communicated instantly. This content is initially high level, but as with all essential content, is delved deeper into on further child pages and also woven into the entire website due to its importance in all that they do. 

    All of the key information that needed to be communicated this year has been presented in a user-friendly and understandable way. The dedicated ESG section in particular is presented within a diagram, which explains their framework and how they plan to move forward in a clear manner. Their strategy is explained using strategy-in-action examples, allowing all users to understand how this is working in a live environment and is further supported with an explanation of key milestones and successes. 

    As always, the report showcases their ever-growing pipeline and detailed information on their key products for users to see their growth and current offering, further evidencing their strength.

    Design elements really bring their strong story to life, using colour coding, iconography, graphics and key imagery to enhance the user experience.

  • Digital Catapult

    Digital Catapult Logo

    Bronze for Best Online Report (Unlisted) at Corporate & Financial Awards 2021

    As a company that adopts advanced digital technologies earlier than any other, Digital Catapult needed to design an online report that reflected and showcased what they can really offer. 

    This year's report showcases their progression over the last year, as well as demonstrating their refreshed brand. Their identity not only allows them to stand out from the crowd but also differentiates them from all other Catapults. 

    Digital Catapult Screen
    Digital Catapult 1

    The entire online report is engaging, utilitising videos, interactive scrolls, impactful imagery and elements such as rolling key statistics. This has added an alluring user experience for anyone entering the website, using more than just standard website elements to bring their content to life.

    When venturing through the website, the navigation and structure allows for easy use, with aspects such as a breadcrumb tail allowing the user to recognise where they are throughout.

    Despite the content providing enough description and detail to understand what it is that Digital Catapult does, icons have also been used for further understanding, allowing users to link content to the relevant sections using the icons as an indicator.

    The end result of this online report is an interactive, engaging and informative report that showcases Digital Catapult’s offering and capabilities effectively.


  • Halfords

    Halfords Logo

    Silver for Best Corporate Website and Best Online Report (Aim/Small Cap) at Corporate & Financial Awards 2021

    Halfords were one of few retailers to thrive during the pandemic, which evidences their long-term value generation proposition. Sitting alongside this, they’d recently announced an acceleration to their strategy – inspire, support, lifestyle. It was important that this was communicated through both the corporate website and within their 2020 annual report.

    Halfords Screen
    Halfords 1

    ESG has been a key focus for Halfords for a number of years, and this year was no different. Both channels showcase their integrated thinking, weaving ESG elements throughout all of their content and across all of their channels. Their website gives off an integrated feel, connecting to all channels, and their Annual Report is their sixth integrated report to date. Dedicated ESG sections have been added to host the main information, but they are also cleverly linked to Halfords’ three strategic pillars.

    User experience was an important consideration and so both the Annual Report and the Corporate Website use a wealth of engaging elements to ensure that the content is accessible. Graphs, case studies, photography and key statistics are all used to help to explain their story over the previous year and evidence the direction they are heading in.

    Their long-term value generation, commitment to specific stakeholders and inspire, support, lifetime strategy is detailed and discussed across both platforms, driving the most important content to the forefront. This has, overall, provided their stakeholders with a detailed understanding of Halfords’ commitment.



  • Halfords

    Halfords Logo

    Best Annual Report at IR Best Practice Awards

    For Halfords, their 2021 Annual Report was an important document. Not only was this their seventh integrated report, but it was also key in communicating the viability of their business and investment proposition. They’ve clearly highlighted both the market tailwinds and post-COVID-19 benefits.

    Halfords Screen Two
    Halfords Pages

    The overall report has an integrated feel, weaving key content throughout all sections, and presents their business case well with an upfront section explaining their investment proposition and the reasons people should invest. Their value generation is communicated, along with a detailed insight into their dedication to ESG and responsible actions. To link this back to their everyday operations, they discuss how this is integral when working alongside their three strategic pillars. The report also communicates how the culture of the organisation and being purpose driven is supporting their strategy and helping achieve its mission and vision.

    The design is eye-catching, on brand and contains engaging graphics. Powerful lifestyle, product and service photography, and a great use of colour coding, navigation and signposting ensures that the report is accessible and easy to read for all users.



  • Henry Boot

    Henry Boot Logo

    Bronze for Best Online Report and Highly Commended for Best Printed Report (Aim/Small Cap) at Corporate & Financial Awards 2021

    It's been a busy year for Henry Boot, with the introduction of a brand new strategy, which focuses on four key markets, a one-year sustainable strategy and a new people strategy. Alongside this, they’ve been focusing on monitoring their culture and employee surveys. It was, therefore, essential to successfully and clearly communicate the outcomes of all to their stakeholders.

    Henry Boot Screen
    Henry Boot Books

    Throughout this year's Annual Report, clear evidence has been provided to showcase their commitment to creating long-term success. This is supported by bespoke sections communicating key information and articulating the Group's culture and values, as well as then being woven throughout the rest of the report.

    Both online and in print, the report looks bold and engaging as it benefits from Henry Boot’s strong colour palette – even supporting the division of content visually.

    The online report hosts high-level content in the form of a year-in-review and directs the reader to downloadable content. The navigation, visual aids, use of sliders and video all ensure that the user is fully engaged and can access relevant content quickly.


  • Industrials

    Industrials Reit Logo

    Bronze for Best Corporate Website, International at Corporate & Financial Awards 2021

    Industrials, previously known as Stenprop, developed a website that successfully reflects their strong position in the marketplace. They’ve been working hard to revolutionise the multi-let sector and have a 100% MLI portfolio by 2022. The website communicates their dedication and success in taking big strides to achieve this.

    Indutrials Screen
    Industrials 1

    Alongside this, pages that had been designed specifically for the Annual Report have also been reworked and are now visible on the website. For example, aspects such as the business model and the strategy pages took on a different look and feel, and so this has been reworked to fit onto the website – with this also being responsive on multiple devices. 

    Creativity and functionality were key across the website, with the colour palette, charts and graphics really bringing their content to life. This not only provides an eye-catching display, but also ensures that the website is much more accessible and suits different types of readers. Key pull-out statistics support the skim-reader and content is appropriately placed on the homepage for users to find the most relevant information with ease. Videos also allow for easy digestion of content, where key messages are relayed in a more engaging format. 

    The overall website is modern and eye-catching, and consistently lines up with the recently published Annual Report. 

  • Inland Homes

    Inland Homes Logo

    Bronze for Best Corporate Website, Aim/Small Cap at Corporate & Financial Awards 2021

    Best Annual Report at IR Best Practice Awards

    This year, Inland Homes were looking to enhance their communications and provide further clarity on their operations and how they add value.

    Inland Homes Screen
    Inland Homes Books

    In order to do so, the asset management model has been discussed and elaborated on at various points across the Corporate Website and in their 2020 Annual Report to ensure that all stakeholders have a clear understanding of how they add value. This has also been supported with a refresh of the business model, whereby it has been redesigned to be more understandable for all in analysing Inland Homes’ value-generating operations. 

    Within both of these communications platforms, the content and information has been made to be user friendly, with all content being made accessible on any device. Iconography, pull-out statistics and infographics have been designed and complement the content throughout the report and across the website to really bring the story to life. 



    Jones and Palmer delivered a richly informative, yet cleanly designed corporate website, which judges said was innovative and well designed.”


  • Kenmare Resources

    Kenmare Resources Logo

    Best Communication of ESG at IR Best Practice Awards

    Kenmare Resources have always been mindful of the impact that their operations have on the environment and local communities, and ESG considerations have always been at the forefront. This year was no different, and meant that their ESG communications needed to be prominent across a breadth of platforms.

    Kenmare Sustainability Report 2020 Cover
    Group 7767

    Kenmare are a purpose-led company and their purpose has a strong ESG focus, underpinning their processes and operations. Their partnership with key stakeholders at the host country, Mozambique, bolsters their ESG story. These are brought to life throughout this year’s communications and create a full picture of how they return positive outcomes.

    Stakeholders are already considered at all stages of business decision making; however, a materiality exercise was undertaken to identify stakeholder needs and important issues. This has been further detailed and explained within their sustainability report and the outcomes are discussed across all platforms. Aligning with the GRI principles helped to define their strategy and targets, which have also been communicated across all channels. 

    Their Annual Report also incorporates a detailed section 172 statement, which further explains their commitment to stakeholders, how they engage with them, why they believe it to be important and how they respond to key topics and issues raised. 

    The project delivered ESG communications across a multitude of channels inclusive of their Annual Report, dedicated sustainability report, website, stakeholder/investor presentations and social media. A well-rounded, detailed account of how they are tackling ESG issues.


  • Palace Capital

    Palace Capital Logo

    Bronze for Best Corporate Website, Aim/Small Cap at Corporate & Financial Awards 2021

    Palace Capital’s updated website is professional, polished and modern, using striking imagery, which consistently met the visual appearance of all other communications channels. With additional functionality supporting the content, the update has brought their operations and investment proposition to life. The website benefits from a multitude of interactive elements such as an interactive map, carousels, click and reveal content and drop-down menus. 

    Palace Capital Screen
    Palace Capital 1

    Palace Capital’s website really considers the user, their experience and their journey through the website. All of the information is provided in an easy-to-read format, with the additional functionality allowing the user to digest the content at their own pace. Each page then provides them with suggested links to lead them to further content that may be of particular interest to them. 

    There were several important topics that needed to be prominent and available for all users to access and understand. The narrative around sustainability, including content on culture and environmental considerations, has been developed to be more accessible and to further explain their commitment. Their strategy section was also important as it communicates their four strategic priorities and how this leads to their long-term success. 


  • Severfield

    Severfield Logo

    Bronze for Best Online Report, Aim/Small Cap at Corporate & Financial Awards 2021

    This year, Severfield’s focus was on communicating their target of doubling underlying profit before tax within four years and so this has been introduced upfront with an appropriate strapline prominent on the homepage. This has been further supported with graphics and key design elements to bring it to life. 

    Severfield Screen
    Severfield 1

    Their market-leading narrative and commitment to delivering sustainable growth is promoted across the Annual Report to provide readers with an understanding of what they are looking and striving to achieve.

    Navigation and logical ordering of content are standout elements of this report, as the idea was to allow users to work through the site as they would the printed report. The homepage delivers important information upfront in order to set the story. The rest of the content has then been placed in a logical order with links to further related content after each section. 

    The overall report provides an easy-to-use, smooth and simple experience, which can be accessed across a multitude of channels. 


  • Southern Water

    Southern Water Logo

    Highly Commended for Best Printed Report, Unlisted at Corporate & Financial Awards 2021

    Southern Water’s 2020 Annual Report is themed around their newly defined purpose, which is currently shaping their transformation and performance. It’s weaved through everything that they do, so the same is done throughout the report.

    Southern Water Cover
    Southern Water Books

    They’ve been working hard over the past few years to improve their organisational culture and understand the perceptions of key stakeholders. The annual report details this dedication and focus and uncovers their 47 commitments. 

    Their ambitious business plan alongside their resilience action plan evidences their plans for long-term success and fills stakeholders with confidence. This is also a key theme that is woven throughout the report and is also evidenced using strategy-in-action case studies. 

    The annual report has been designed to be accessible to all readers with highlighted key statistics and high-level information standing out alongside more detailed content. Users are then able to download specific sections of the report as PDF documents. The design supports accessibility by presenting an eye-catching yet clean design.


    The ‘Best printed report’ award honours reports that successfully use one document to tell an organisation’s corporate story to stakeholders.”


  • United Utilities

    United Utilities Logo

    Highly Commended for Best Online Report (FTSE 100) at Corporate & Financial Awards 2021

    Despite having lots of content to report on as a FTSE 100 constituent, United Utilities’ online annual report works hard to keep all users engaged by keeping information concise and to the point. The benefit of a full HTML report means that users are directed to further relevant content if needed, and PDF downloads of specific sections can be generated.

    United Utilities Screen
    United Utilities 1

    The content this year needed to include detail on their purpose with further information on stakeholder-related aspects and TCFD compliance. These have been given dedicated child pages for users to digest all content, but have also been placed on the homepage to deliver this essential information upfront.

    The report displays a host of interactive elements and functionality to improve user experience. Aspects such as graphs containing key statistics and comparative data have been placed into carousels and sliders, allowing the user to view and digest at their own pace. The water cycle is also presented as an interactive infographic, ensuring that the content is more understandable and explained thoroughly in a comprehensive format.

    This online annual report was the first to showcase their updated brand. This new look, along with a clear and engaging layout, ensures that this year’s annual report is delivered well to the end user.


  • United Utilities

    United Utilities Logo

    Best Annual Report at IR Best Practice Awards

    United Utilities’ 2021 hybrid year-in-review is yet another great example of best practice Integrated Reporting, with ESG and strategy woven throughout and all stakeholders considered at every point.

    United Utilities Screen Two
    United Utilities Books

    As a leader in TCFD reporting and promoting their ‘responsible business’ status, United Utilities thoroughly discuss sustainability aspects at various points throughout. In particular, they discuss the materiality matrix and sustainability performance measures. 

    The year-in-review makes key content accessible to all key stakeholders, in a clear, concise and informative manner.

    United Utilities have promoted and reinforced their purpose, presenting this on their homepage, explaining it in further detail in three segments and, again, interweaving this throughout the rest of the content. A specific section also explains to stakeholders how this is connected to their vision, strategy and values. 

    The overall report is one that is well considered, eye-catching and targeted to a wide range of stakeholders. The information is condensed into informative pieces and sections, and provides the user with the opportunity to take detailed content away through PDF downloads.